I’m traveling again

2020 will remain in infamy for millions all over the world.

A whole year…. wasted!

A pandemic that shut down the whole world. Not a city or a country but the whole bloody world.

The worst thing I anticipated is Donald Trump goes apeshit and decides to nuke the world into oblivion. Instead, we’re tormented, day by day, by the growing number of COVID infections and mask mandates.

Hollywood made us think that the apocalypse would be swift and humanity won’t have enough time to prepare for it. Instead, this pandemic crept on us slowly and brutally like some medieval torture device used on a poor soul. What makes this even worse is we were still not prepared to handle this.

I had long travel plans that I had set in 2019. All bookings were made, from flights to AirBnBs & hotels.

March arrived, and our dear leader asked us to stay indoors for 21 days.

What could possibly go wrong? Right?


It’s 2021. This torture is not over yet. However, the numbers have come down significantly. Maybe there is hope! At least some form of normalcy can be salvaged, right?

It’s Feb 20, 2021, cases have started to spike again and I have lost all patience.

I can’t stay indoors for long. I can hear the walls talk. I need to travel. People in my line of work either implode or explode. None of them is good. An occasional journey can help soothe the soul.

Whether we’re in for a second wave or not, I’m traveling. I’m going out for a trek to the mountains. I don’t care if it’s risky. If states lockdown again, screw it! I will live my life as a hermit in the mountains.

It’s either COVID or implosion. I’m not imploding and I will try my best to not contract the damn virus.

365 days gone! Just like that. Not doing that again!

I will start living again! with precautions of course. But live, nonetheless.